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A wonderful email……

By March 1, 2017 No Comments

This is such a wonderful email to receive, we just had to share it…..

Dear Tracy;
  Wishing you and your’s health, wellness and happiness:
   I truly didn’t intend to have sent you this e-mail with the amount of time that has lapsed in between but such is my Life and this is my opportunity to do it now.
My daughter (Mackenzie) and myself stayed with you and your wonderful hostel back on Dec.24, 25 & 26th (I believe that is when) and I can’t thank you enough for the uniqueness and the warmth that you and your “hostel-olians” provided for us!!!
We met some fantastic, wonderful people and along with your personnel “magic” it created a beautiful “Christmas atmosphere” that I know I will always remember, always!
A lot has happened to me and my Life since I have gotten back to the states here, but “once again” I am so grateful that we came to Cairns and spent time at your Hostel…~!
So Tracy,
  I never stayed in a “hostel” before and staying at JJ’s Backpackers was the “perfect” experience for myself and being with my daughter it was just right!!!
Tracy Cheetham

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